Tiny House Builders Seattle

#1 Best Tiny House Builders in Seattle

If you need to have a tiny home, then you should strive to have one that is unique and just the way you love it. Choosing to live in a tiny house is different from the other forms of living and as such, you need to have it designed and built by skilled experts.

We are skilled tiny house builders Seattle and we have been offering a wide range of options to our clients. When you hire us to construct your tiny home, we will use the best materials and highest standards in the industry. Our commitment is to ensure that you can live in your dream house, irrespective of the size of the house.

We specialize in tiny houses and using our innovation and creativity, we will provide you with a small abode. This will help create serenity and is perfect for the environment. Whether you are looking for an custom, model or tiny house on wheels, we can help!

We have a great team of contractors who will personalize the design and style of your home. You can also choose to have a house on wheels, which is in the form of an RV and you can travel with it.

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Who We Are

We are the leading tiny house contractors in Seattle and our track record speaks volumes of our work. We have a team of designers and contractors who will collaborate to make your tiny home dream come true. We specialize in designing tiny houses and we will make sure that every space counts.

By the time we are done with the project, you will realize that your home feels and looks bigger. We are committed to seeing to it that your home serves every function and your unique needs. We have licensed contractors and have been in the industry for more than 35 years.

When you contact us, we will pay attention to detail and seek to understand what you have in mind. We will talk at length so that we can learn all your needs and expectations. We will review the plans and designs together until all your needs are met, the way you would want it.

All our tiny homes are designed in such a manner that they will utilize all the space that is available, optimally. We are not wasteful and your home will be designed and built especially for you. Talk to us today to get a free estimate for the construction of your tiny house.

Our Tiny House Consultation

What type of tiny house are you looking to build? Our tiny house builders Seattle WA are committed to taking this journey with you. With our initial consultation, we will come up with the right approach to design and construct the structure. Our consultation is quite comprehensive and we will never start any project until we are clear on what your needs are. Our designers will be on the phone for a couple of hours, asking all the relevant questions. We will provide you with direct contact for easier correspondence.

Our experts will provide at least two layouts for your home, which you can consider. We will edit the plan and customize it to suit your specific needs. We will then have a finalized floor plan, which we will share with you and offer you a 3-D color model of your tiny house. This will give you a clear picture of what the end result will look like. Contact us today and let us start the process of building your tiny home.

Our Services

​When it comes to tiny homes, consider us as your partner in making the project a success. Whether you need just consultation, or a design or even the full package, we are here for you. There are some DIY builders that we have helped in the past and we are willing to take up the specific role that you provide to us. With our experience, we will help you with the utilities and ensure that your plans are fitting in perfectly. We want to be part of this great adventure and we have skilled professionals and we have a clear understanding of the process. Our services include:

  • Tiny house consultation
  • Tiny homes designs
  • Tiny house building
  • Tiny house styles

Whichever service that you may need, we are the tiny house builders in Seattle ready to serve you.

Tiny House Design Seattle

​Before commencing the actual construction of your tiny house, you will need a design. We have a series of models that you can pick and work with and we can also design one, from scratch. We will take you through the design process and ensure that all your ideas have been included. The design process is what will determine the outcome of the tiny home. Our designers seek to utilize all the space available in the best way possible. Contact us to get the perfect design for your home.

tiny house builders seattle wa

Tiny House Building

​With a complete design, the next level will be the actual construction of the house. Our tiny house builders Bellevue, WA and Seattle WA will interpret the design accurately and you will have the home that you deserve. We will build a home that makes you feel complete. We will personalize the construction so as to serve your specific interests. You will have a wide range of ceilings, windows, doors, lighting, and flooring to choose from. We will accommodate all clients and our main objective is to see that you are fully satisfied.

Let’s Get Started on Your Tiny House Project

​A tiny house needs to be carefully considered as this is a personal space. We will work with you to ensure that the final product is a true reflection of your dream. We have different designs and styles and we will help you make the right choice. As the leading tiny house builders Seattle, we will provide highly functional and efficient houses. Talk to us today and let us start the process of building your tiny house.